Whiteley Village, Surrey


Whiteley Homes Trust is a charity that provides specialist housing for up to 450 older people who are of limited means, with CCIR systems. As most of the cottages were built in 1914, they lack many of the energy efficiency measures inherent in homes built today, and residents were struggling to stay warm with panel or storage heating.

Before they reached out to Ambion, they were using a range of heating systems within their 250 cottages – around 60 were heated by a district gas heating system, while the majority were fitted with panel or storage heaters. The Trust was working with an independent energy consultant to bring their residents’ energy costs down as many residents were facing very high energy bills due to the inefficiencies of the heating technologies in place.

“The village was interested in exploring a heating solution that would be reliable and cost effective for the Trust to run and that would also help the residents, who are close to fuel poverty.” Graham Boret, Independent Energy Consultant working with Whiteley Homes Trust.

We started with a small trial in just one of the cottages. Installation of the entire Ambion system was completed within hours, despite the fact that the cottage is listed, because the system is simply plugged into the mains (meaning installation can be carried out by any qualified electrician). Within days, the resident had noticed a real difference in the warmth and comfort levels in her home, and within weeks she had seen a significant difference in her bills. Her energy bill fell from around £70 a month to just £40 a month, simply by switching to Ambion.

“My cottage is 100% warmer, and Ambion is very easy to control. You can shut off one room, and if you decide you want it back on again, the room is warm again within five minutes. It’s a really good system, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of renewing their heating system.” Charlotte Wood, resident at the Whiteley Home Trust.

This first trial of CCIR systems was so successful that it was soon extended to five additional cottages. One of the residents actually stated that it was the first time that she had felt warm since she had moved in. And it wasn’t just the residents that were feeling the benefits of Ambion’s system – the staff were noticing changes too, as residents living in the trial homes seemed happier since the system had been installed.

The Trust were very happy with the results of the trial, as the installation went quickly and smoothly and residents were visibly happier and more comfortable. Ambion’s CCIR systems has also helped them to cut their carbon emissions, as Ambion uses 60% less energy than conventional convection systems. The Trust has already seen a 25-40% reduction in running costs, because Ambion is built to last and has no moving parts, which keeps maintenance costs down. Ambion’s heaters will report any maintenance issues that do arise, which means that the Trust can be sure that their residents will remain comfortable and warm 24/7.

When the Board heard about the difference Ambion was making to both the residents and the Trust itself, they decided to roll the trial out even further. Ambion is currently being installed in a further 70 properties, and will be rolled out in another 134 homes in 2021. There are also plans in place for phase 2 of the project, which will see the Trust’s own heating system replaced with Ambion.

“The residents within the village are now getting the benefit of superb heating at a low cost.” Graham Boret, Independent Energy Consultant working with Whiteley Homes Trust.