Our team’s extensive expertise and experience in software, technology and renewable energy is part of what makes our solution so effective. Here, you can learn more about our experts and why we believe these systems are the future of low-carbon heating.

Mark Tarry

Mark is Chief Executive of AMP Clean Energy. AMP Clean Energy aims to help businesses unlock the potential of decentralised, sustainable energy as the UK transitions to a Net Zero future. Mark has held senior leadership roles within AMP since 2014, first as CFO and subsequently as Head of Asset Development where he led the development of over 300 MW of projects across biomass, CHP and flexible generation.

Peter Kavanagh

Peter is CEO of Harmony Energy which he founded in 2010 having spent ten years in finance. He has over 12 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, in financing and development. Peter is also a Director of Jones Food Company, Europe’s largest high care Hydroponics facility now majority owned by Ocado Group. Peter is an 5.5% shareholder in Ambion on a fully diluted basis.

Nick Downshire

Nick is a qualified chartered accountant who has worked in corporate finance and venture capital, plus holding non-executive directorships for businesses ranging from AIM quoted to start-ups. He runs an estate in Yorkshire with a range of activities including quarrying, renewables, forestry and a hotel as well as agriculture and property. He is also Chairman of Audit and Risk for the CLA (Country Land & Business Association) and sits on their main Board, as well as acting as a Trustee for a number of charitable and land related trusts. Nick is a 1.5% shareholder in Ambion on a fully diluted basis.

Peter Davies

Peter is a founding director of Austin Consultants, the software engineering consultancy, and founded (and was until recently CEO of) Green Running, the creator of smart home product Verv.  Verv uses advanced energy analytics and machine learning to help consumers save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.  Peter was one of the first three people to reach Certified LabVIEW Architect status in the UK. He has over ten years’ experience across the National Instruments platform and has delivered projects as diverse as Fusion reactor control solutions to consumer retail systems.

Oliver Baker

After leading three Chieftain tanks in the 1980s as tank commander, since 2020 Oliver has firmly taken the lead of Ambion’s business strategy. A passionate advocate of making net zero a reality, Oliver strongly believes in the power of technology to overcome humanity’s biggest challenges. In his free time, he enjoys walking, cycling, and admiring Gothic revival architecture.

Richard Davies
Finance and Operations Director

A passionate tech advocate, Richard has been leading Ambion’s finance and operations since 2019. On a mission to revolutionise the way we heat our homes, he brings his passion for unique heat technology to all our operations and departments. Outside of work, he likes exploring the country on his campervan Rocky and globetrotting with his family to exotic beaches and wine tasting hotspots.

Hilary McDowell
Sales Manager

A skilled Sales Manager with experience in the aviation, consumer insights and retail sectors, Hilary is in her element when helping potential customers get their hands on Ambion’s products, managing the whole process from enquiry to sale. When she’s not busy with sales management, forecasting and reporting, you can find her DJing on old format vinyl or hunting for the next addition to her rare vinyl collection.

Warren Knowles
National Business Development Manager

Warren joined Ambion wanting to combine his passion for sustainability with his extensive expertise in construction. He’s responsible for driving Ambion’s growth and researching new markets and opportunities in line with our business strategy. He’s also a sports enthusiast and believes in the importance of keeping a healthy mind and body. If he looks familiar to you, it might be from that one time he let you believe you were taking a picture with football manager Ian Holloway – someone he’s often mistaken for.

James Webb
Product Manager

With almost a decade of research and development expertise, James is  always ready to answer any technical queries for clients and  the team. James is passionate about how the Ambion technology works for the client in real-life situations.  A real guru on the technicalities of Ambion’s products, James is our leading expert in test creation, set up and reporting, as well as trials management.

Dan Illingworth
Technical Sales Support Executive

Out in the field or here in our office, Daniel’s expertise in surveying and specifying infrared heating systems for our customers is precious. He’s passionate about the latest infrared technologies and is the sales team’s go-to person for technical questions and assistance. While working up the courage to tick skydiving off his bucket list, he enjoys going on walks and playing Xbox.

Tim Waldock
Factory Manager

When efficiency and organisational skills are needed, we know we can count on Tim. With over a decade of experience, he oversees the day-to-day operations of our factory, ensuring deadlines are met and employees are working safely and efficiently – a real ace in Ambion’s sleeve.

Khalid Janjua
IT Manager

Our tech wizard Khalid excels at translating data into actionable information on energy usage, as well as managing servers, databases and FTPs. Active in the energy industry since 2007, he is everyone’s go-to for all our software and hardware maintenance needs. He enjoys collecting coins and sightseeing, and dreams of going to the K2 base camp.

Feroz Khan
Technical Support Advisor

A problem-solver by nature, Feroz helps Ambion’s customers get the best out of our products by solving any heating-related issues they might be experiencing. Passionate about self-improvement, he applies his ethos of personal development to his professional life, too. Outside of work, he enjoys football, hanging out with his mates, and planning his Halloween/birthday party, since they are on the same day!

Kyle Cadman
Technical Support Advisor

With us since 2017, Kyle is our customers’ first point of contact for all technical queries and is also responsible for the monitoring of system data. A big technophile with a passion for cutting-edge technologies, he likes spending his free time surrounded by gaming consoles, streaming devices and slices of pizza – strictly with no pineapple!

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