Improving the energy performance of a small home in Edmondthorpe, Melton Mowbray

Improving the energy performance of small homes with Ambion Low Carbon Heat Panels.

The problem

In England, rental properties are governed by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations which require the Landlord’s properties to reach a minimum rating of an ‘E’ EPC. More recent discussions have implied that all rental properties will require an EPC rating of C or above by 2025 and Landlords will have until 2028 to comply with this.

The four key objectives

  1. To achieve an EPC rating D, up from the existing F25, with a plan for a second phase of improvements to achieve C.

  2. To reduce energy consumption from 11,928 kWh to at least 3,400 kWh, a saving of 8,528 kWh or 71%. This target would be within 10% of the kWh required to make the property no more expensive to run than if it had been on gas (currently the cheapest form of energy), and would deliver a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

  3. To achieve a payback period of maximum ten years – defined as (1) upfront cost of measures taken (fabric and heating systems); divided by (2) energy saving compared with original fabric and conventional space and water heating.

  4. To ensure good air quality and householder experience, ensuring none of the above objectives were secured at the expense of an affordably warm home with good air quality.

The solution

Working together as a project team, The Estate, Ambion and DJB Installs developed the following approach:



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