Wates Innovation partnership strengthens Ambion’s commitment to sustainable construction

Ambion Heating has been chosen as an innovation partner by the Wates Innovation Network (WIN) portal, an initiative of the Wates Group, one of the UK’s leading construction, development and property services companies. The portal aims to connect companies offering construction solutions that contribute to meeting net zero targets, allowing them to interact directly and free of charge.

This is an important initiative to reduce the emissions levels of the UK construction sector. The Royal Academy of Engineering warns that the built environment, of which construction is a core component, is responsible for about 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and for up to 11% of global emissions.

By creating a network of like-minded businesses, the WIN portal aims to accelerate the adoption of smart and sustainable solutions to design, build and maintain buildings, and to accelerate the transition to a greener future. The WIN portal now gathers more than 40 suppliers, approved by a screening panel that includes 40 environmental experts.

Ambion Heating has been chosen to join them for the ability of its Low Carbon Heat Panel system to provide ideal low carbon heating to smaller and multi-occupancy buildings. This system significantly reduces emissions compared to traditional heating solutions, as recently confirmed by an independent study conducted by engineering consultancy Fichtner Consulting Engineers.

The study revealed that Ambion’s system offers an average 63% energy saving, compared to conventional convection systems, a figure that can reach over 80% in small properties, such as flats and terraced houses.

“The Wates Innovation partnership is yet another recognition of our commitment to low-carbon homes in a cost-effective and deliverable way,” commented Oliver Baker, CEO of Ambion Heating. “COP27 highlighted the need to act fast to drastically reduce our environmental impact. By collaborating with dozens of other forward-thinking construction organisations, we will contribute to the decarbonisation of the home and help accelerate our journey to net zero.”

“The market for sustainable solutions is expanding fast and companies who are not investing in innovations will soon be unable to compete,” said John Dunne, Group Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director at Wates. “95% of market-ready sustainable technologies never get considered because key decision makers do not know they exist, or suppliers don’t have access to the key corporate decision makers. The WIN portal is bridging that gap, showcasing innovation and helping businesses to meet bold environmental targets.”

To discuss how Ambion Low Carbon Heating Panels can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your property, contact our team at sales@ambionheating.com.