Why embracing a range of innovative technologies will be key to Net Zero

future net zero

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of computer-controlled infrared (CCIR) heating with Jonny Bairstow from future Net Zero, on a podcast where we debate the issue of heat decarbonisation, and how best to tackle it.

For us, it was important to get across the key message that embracing a range of innovative technologies – such as Ambion’s system – will be crucial to help meet this huge challenge, and why putting all the focus on one or two solutions like air source heat pumps (ASHPs), is not the answer.

We also talked about why electric solutions are the future of heating, and how the Government can support wider adoption of technologies like ours to make them a truly feasible option to encourage the switch away from fossil fuels.

It was great to discuss how CCIR works, the benefits of the technology in terms of higher performance and reduced energy consumption, and how it favourably compares against both traditional systems and ASHPs as well as how we can future-proof CCIR to support the Net Zero by 2050 ambition.

You can listen to the full podcast here