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Ambion’s mission is to heat homes better.

A new era of low-carbon heating is here. Our low carbon heat panels are the perfect partner for smaller homes and multi-occupancy buildings.

We enable you to easily meet your decarbonisation targets, while helping protect households from fuel poverty.

Energy efficient, easy to install and use, and cost-effective, our unique heat panel technology is ideal for new build developments, or when retrofitting an existing property.

Using constant dynamic pulsing to keep homes warm and costs low, give a warm welcome to the future of low-carbon heating.

Latest news
Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and industry developments on low-carbon heating. Plus, hear from our team, who will be sharing their views and opinions on the newest heating updates, trends and issues in our blog.
How does it work?
We use unique heat control technology with constant dynamic pulsing and infrared to keep homes warm and energy costs low. This delivers maximum comfort, lowers bills, and helps you hit carbon reduction targets. Whether you’re a homeowner, a housing provider, or an installer, Ambion products provide an unmatched low-carbon heating solution.
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