A simple guide to using your low carbon heating system.

Ambion low carbon heat panels are a modern, energy saving heating system which helps create a warm, comfortable home.

How it works

Traditional heating systems heat the air in a room, which can then escape from doors and windows. Low carbon heat panels use infrared technology and heat the walls of a property, as well as objects in a room (things like furniture). This means that the walls and objects gradually and steadily release heat into a room over a longer time, keeping your home warmer for longer.

Infrared is a type of energy that’s invisible to the human eye but that we can feel as heat. It’s a bit like sunlight, but without the ultraviolet rays you get from the sun.

Tips to get the best out of your new heating system:

You have complete control over the whole system by using the central control panel. There is no need to change anything on the heat panels themselves.

  • Once the target temperature has been set there is no need to turn the temperature up or down as the system has been designed to maintain a desired temperature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Each heater panel has its own individual thermostat and will only heat up when it senses that the room is cooler than its target temperature.
  • To make sure the system works as efficiently as possible, try to set your heat panels to roughly the same temperature in each room and keep the doors closed. Avoid placing furniture directly in front of a heater as this will reduce the performance of the system. 
  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of heat panels as this will reduce the performance of the system.
  • Do not hang items directly on a heat panel. Instead use a clothes horse placed at least 30 cm away from the surface of the panel and activate “Clothes Drying” mode which can be selected from the main menu on the control panel.
  • To clean your heat panels, turn the temperature down and allow them to cool down first before wiping them with a damp microfibre cloth. The panels are made from toughened glass and you shouldn’t spray chemicals or cleaning products directly onto the glass.
  • The surface temperature of the heaters can be adjusted via the Control Panel.


Frequently asked questions

If the heat panels are on all the time at a set temperature, won’t they be really expensive to run?

No, the system has been designed to maintain a steady temperature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once your system’s reached its target temperature it takes very little energy to maintain it, so it’s very efficient to run.

Can I manually switch some of the heat panels off to save energy?

Your system’s been designed and installed to make it as efficient as possible and switching off one or more of the heat panels will mean it won’t work as well as it should. Instead of switching heat panels off, try using the control panel to turn down the temperature by a few degrees in rooms that you’re not using and keep the doors shut.

What if my heat panel gets damaged?

The heat panels are made from toughened safety glass but if the surface gets damaged, immediately turn off the power to the damaged panel using the switch on the wall connected to it, and contact Ambion Heating on 0333 188 0633 or email techsupport@ambionheating.com

How safe are the heat panels? Could I get burnt?

The heat panels are totally safe when used normally. They have a maximum surface temperature of 60 °C, which is similar to a radiator that’s supplied by a gas boiler. The surface temperature can be controlled by using the control panel.


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